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"Draco Sanctus" is a place to find writings taken from a fictional book titled "A Dragon Comments - The Human Propensity to Sacrifice Virgins, and Other Oddities".  This book contains writings supposedly penned by a dragon named Theophilus Braesbaec, D.D.W., M.H.R., written to various acquaintances of his in the dragon community.

The actual author (myself) finds the idea of a hidden community of dragons still existing in the world today quite intriging.  I've been labeled a "dragon" by others out of spite, I assume, and I hope that the idea of this hidden community of very old and very wise creatures who see us from an outsider's perspective might prompt a few of my brothers and sisters in Christ to see their faith from a view point not tainted by the perspective of today's religious leadership.

It's my personal belief that the body of Christ in America, sometimes referred to as "The Church", is deader than a door nail.  The stink rises from all corners of our nation, but no one seems to smell the decay or see the rot.

Rather sad, actually...

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